Crystal Ball Gazing


Crystal ball is provided free in this course.

Total No of Sessions- 7 + 1  free practice session

Content of the Course

Introduction to divination.

Know what is divination. Understand the meaning of divination and how various forms of divination have been a part of our lifestyle.

Understandings systems and non systems readings

Understand the divisions and subdivisions of various forms of readings.

Link between Crystals and energy

Introduction to Crystal Ball Gazing

Know about the crystal ball and understand more about this popular and well used art of scrying. Crystal Ball Gazing became very popular with the gypsies often depicted in movies and pictures looking through a white colourless or a coloured big round crystal ball. Understand what crystal ball is all about.

Exercises to enhance your intuition

Certain exercises will enhance your psychic abilities and open up your intuition further. This intuition will assist you to gaze into the crystal ball and read it better.

Meditative techniques that connect you to the crystal ball.

Meditative techniques will still the mind and increase focus, concentration and the ability to gaze into the crystal ball for periods of time.

Main technique of scrying to interpret forms seen in the crystal ball.

Learn techniques that connect you to your crystal ball so that there is connection that is forged between the ball and you. These techniques enable you to form a link to your crystal ball and make readings easier for you.

Personality reading through the ball.

By the end of this course, you will be able to do crystal ball gazing and get answers to questions regarding home, family, work, relationships, travel, finance and other related areas of life.

How to give a reading to a client

Cleansing the crystal ball

Certification on completion of this course

Provision of certificate on completion of the course.

Cost of the Course: Rs. 12000/-

Venue: Celeste the Center