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Tarot Card Reading Course

Quick Overview

This course helps you to Master the Art of Tarot Reading and become a Professional Tarot Reader. The course is suitable for absolute beginners and by the end of the course you’ll be equipped to read tarot with intuitive guidance for yourself through  8-hour training (both instructional and experiential)

Facilitated by Tarot Card reader and Life Coach Manju Mohinani Patil.

TImings: 10AM to 2 PM

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₹ 15,000 ₹ 15,000

Overview of Divination and Tarot
Divination is a way of seeking to know future potential or the hidden significance in situations from love to career to health to money — basically everything that makes up our lives.
Tarot cards are known as ‘wisdom cards’, used in fortune- telling, guidance and healing. Tarot Card reading is used in examining and predicting likely opportunities, challenges and options.
Tarot reading is not only about singling out problems but also assisting individuals to arrive at solutions which can abet their problems and provide alternatives as well. Be it family, relationships, finance, travel, career, or spiritual space, Tarot covers everything.  If there is need for help, guidance, understanding and insight, then a Tarot reading is the right choice for you. Tarot can help you narrow down your choices and assess what would be the best course of action for you.
Tarot will be a trusted companion through the twists and turns of life. It can be said that tarot is useful in helping one tap into one’s mind to find answers that one might never consciously think of.
Objective of the course
  1. Learn to do readings for yourself and others.
  2. Learn Tarot and build the power to get help and guidance whenever you want for yourself and others
  3. Become more intuitive.
  4. Be sure of the choices that you need to take in life by asking the cards and getting the right nudge in the right direction.
  5. Make decisions in your life with clarity.
  6. Answer questions on love, career, finance, health and relationships.
  7. Even earn your income from tarot.
  8. You can easily do your own readings and work your way out of any solution and circumstance.
Course content:
  1. Meaning of Divination and various systems
  2. Origins and Meaning of Tarot
  3. Interpretation of each card in the Tarot Card.
  4. Methodology of Reading Cards
  5. Meaning of each card up right and reverse.
  6. 4 basic and 4 intensive spread.
  7. Introduction to divination
  8. Myths of tarot.
  9. How to prepare for reading.
  10. Cleansing the cards.
  11. Connect with your tarot cards.
  12. Know your tarot guide.
(A course manual is included)
Note: As with every new thing that you learn in life, the more you practice the better you get!
Tarot Course in Mumbai
Total no. of hours: 8 + 2 practise hours
Schedule: 4 hrs/day for 2 days –Language : English
Venue: Celeste the Center, Mumbai
Fee, Early Bird Discounts and Offers : 
1. 1-on-1 personal training – Rs. 20000/- per participant
     Join now to get 25 % discount . pay only 15000 per participant
2. You and your friend ( Group of 2 )  get 30% discount .      14000 per participant
3. You and lots of friends ( Group of 5) get 40% discount:    12,000 per participant.
Fees include: 
Tarot Manual by Manju Mohinani Patil
Tarot Deck ( raider waite tarot  worth 800 )
Certificate on completion of course
Free Practice session at Celeste the Center
Mode of Payment: Cheque / Debit Card / Credit Card  OR   PayTM to ph no. 9820139397
About the Tarot expert
Manju is an acclaimed tarot reader, with clients all over the world, have provided guidance to her clients on key issues of their lives. Manju is a well-known name among celebrities, industrialists and leading corporate houses.
She has been interviewed by various newspapers like the Times of India and DNA
She has been featured in many publications including New Women (9 years she has been doing the Tarot forecast), Economic Times, Bliss Equity for corporates and many more. She has recently won the WOW awards. She has conducted a number of tarot card classes in Mumbai and is an expert with over 15 years of experience.
She has also conducted Tarot Readings and workshops across India and also in UK, Hong Kong guiding, training people to be professional readers and healers. She is also the curator of annually held, Yantra the Mystic Fair.