‘Celeste -The Center’ for 20 years and have developed  loyal clientele. A believer in working on herself regularly before working with others, she took a break to focus on other aspects of her life and enhanced her own abilities and capabilities to take this further. She has worked with crystals closely and her knowledge is credible. Many a times she has guided people to pursue the path they should have taken a long time ago, but never had the courage to do so.

Manju has been interviewed by various newspapers like the Times of India and DNA to name a few with respect to her skills as a practicing Angel and Tarot Card Reader. She has also been interviewed to talk about spirits and ghosts. Her story has been chosen and adapted for one of the episodes of Mano ya na Mano where an actor essays her role. Her magical partnership with Rohini Gupta a writer and maestro in occult sciences herself culminated into the organization of numerous successful psychic fairs in the past under the banner of Yantra which were a great success, often mentioned in many newspapers and the envy of many. She along with Rohini Gupta has given many interviews and has appeared in a couple of magazines and newspapers for the same.

Celeste the Center

Manju ventured in the field of entertainment and managed organising the Shamiana Film Festival with the same zest, ease and panache, along with Rohini Gupta and Cyrus Dastoor for two years at Marine Drive. The beautiful terrace backdrop, golden sunset and the breeze generated a good response and spread the love of short films amongst many. An interesting bag of films, poetry reading sessions were some of the highlights of the Festival.